Happy World TV Day 2021!
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World TV Day 2021

Happy World Television Day!
As declared by the United Nations

On this 25th anniversary of World Television Day, we celebrate a truth that holds around the globe: TV has evolved to become much more than it used to be. TV is now available at all times, at home and on the go, across all screens – large or small – live or streamed; offering both collective and feel-like-me experiences. TV is also measurable, connected, personalised and targetable.

Discover the clip here and celebrate with us!

Discover the power of TV

The Global TV Group has more resources that are freely available. We invite you to look at our website to find out more about the Global TV Deck, which gathers insights from around the world, or the brand-new series of statements from over 20 CEOs on the many strengths of TV.

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